EIPH in horses

EIPH in horses

What is EIPH? Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage. This is one of the biggest health concerns in our equine friends. EIPH is also known as bleeders in horse talk. It doesn’t just affect the horse health, but also their performance.  This can go undetected in horses, due to it happening deep in the horses lungs. This happens when fragile pulmonary blood vessels in the horses lungs haemorrhages during exercise.


There are many different treatments that one can do regarding this situation. Which includes nasal dilators,concentrated equine serum, nitric oxide, herbal remedies, conjugated estrogens, amino a-roil acid, a diet right in omega-3 fatty acids and of course rest. The one that stands out the most to me in this situation is the omega-3 fatty acids. The reason behind this is because I am a strong believer in the hemp products that is 100% natural with over 250 benefits. Omega-3 acids is one of those benefits.


In this case the omega helps reduce EIPH. It helps reduce inflammation in their airway. This may prevent or reduce EIPH. It plays a role in the flexibility of cell membranes especially in the red blood cell membranes. During exercise the heart rate rises which causes the blood to thicken. Increased elasticity in the red blood cells allows easier passage. Which will help by improving blood supply and oxygen delivery. By having the Red blood cells more elastic may help EIPH.





I am no expert in this area. Please consult your veterinarian before trying anything new with you horses feeding program. Each horse is different and may not respond to the same treatment as another. Please feel free to check out our equine nutrition section on our page to read about our hemp oils.




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